Capture everything.

Capture everything. That’s kind of our mantra when it comes to working with live edge slabs. For those unfamiliar, “live edge” is a term in furnishings that refers to cutting a log into slabs and incorporating the natural edges of the exposed wood in one’s design. Often people mistake live edge design for a technique as simple as finding the right mill, cutting the slab, and putting it on legs. However, this is a grave simplification.

Using wood slabs, especially those large enough for one’s dining table demands patience, practice, and ultimately respect for the materials. On average, a slab large enough to seat 6 requires a minimum of two years to naturally dry. Proper temperatures and support must be maintained even after the slabs have been cut to make sure that the wood doesn’t warp or bow. When designing a live edge table, the weight is the single greatest factor one must account for. Often steel bases not only look beautiful, but are required to maintain proper support and balance over the lifetime of a table.

At Bull City Designs, our goal is to capture our wood slabs as naturally and as raw as possible, while still ensuring that each piece is engineered and crafted to last you a lifetime. We believe in the beauty of the grain and the spalting, and that every knot is a piece of history revealing itself. We pride ourselves on our ability to maintain these forms, and still construct a piece of furniture that will provide utility and function as an heirloom for years to come.